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The following are all known locations for the Locker Keys.


In The Evil Within, there is a set of lockers inside the saferoom where you do all your upgrades. These lockers can be accessed by using keys found throughout the world - if you know where to look!

Chapter 2

  • After Leslie runs off, walk to the fire near a gate. To the left of that gate, on the wall, there's a white statue. Break it to get a key.
  • In the house near The Haunted huddled around a fire, there is an enemy with a sick;e. Kill him, and look near the sink for a box. Inside that box is a key.

Chapter 3

  • In the Village, move towards the tower. Climb it, and at the top you'll find supplies. Look down near the ladder and you'll also see a statue, which when shot, will give you a key.
  • At the barn where The Sadist attacks, climb the ladder to the second level. There's another ladder here that will take you to the third level. Here, shoot the statue and collect both the key and the supplies around it.
  • Kill the enemy sniper, and move to their location. Here, you'll see a statue on the left. Shoot it for a key.
  • When you have to open the main gate, go to the house to the left. Go up the stairs and onto the balcony. Look at the power line, and you'll see a statue. This one is hard to spot, as it looks like a bird or even a piece of flesh from one of The Haunted.

Chapter 4

  • Look inside the body of the patient Valerio was operating on. Use the knife to cut him open, and you'll find a key.
  • Once in the "blood sewer", take the metal ramp out of the area and hit the switch on the wall. Once the statue drops, shoot it for a key.

Chapter 5

  • Once in the lower part of the Asylum, look for a rat running around with a statue on its back. Shoot the statue (and the rat, if you'd like) for the key.
  • Once you save Julie Kidman from drowning, move to the cell area and check the third cell on the right. Here, there's a statue, but you'll have to break the lock to get in.
  • Once you've recovered both Julie and Joseph Oda, fight the enemy that appears. She'll chase you down a hall. After you defeat her, go to the room you first encountered her in, and open the locker to get a statue. Shoot the bat that is carrying it to get the key.

Chapter 6

  • During the altar puzzle, wait for the bodies to be moved by the hooks. On one of the bodies, there's a statue you'll have to melee for a key.
  • Head downhill, and enter the building to your left. Behind that hanging body, there's a window sill with a statue. Burn the body to get to it.
  • Right after Joseph opens the gate, you'll end up in a market. Look for the butcher's stall (the one with hanging meat), and to the right of it, look for a stone wall. This wall has a hole with a statue inside.

Chapter 7

  • When you pass the glowing picture on the wall, inspect it and a doorway will open. Open the safe on the table for a key.
  • During the stone key puzzle, after you've placed the first, head through the door on the right. In this first room, activate the lever for the spike trap, and stand on it before it goes back up. When it pushes you up, there's a statue on one of the pillars at the top.
  • After the second key, there's a room with an enemy hanging on a chain with a trap in the center. There's a wheel past it that opens a gate and floods the room with The Haunted. Kill the enemies and go through the door they came from, and once you go down the stairs and traps there's a statue and a lot of supplies.
  • Use the wheel to open the gate and pass through. You'll drop into a spike trap area. Run to the right, use the lever to drop the trap killing the two enemies, and kill the enemy coming down the stairs. Use the lever again, and quickly hop on top of the spike trap to get to a secret room with a key.

Chapter 8

  • When you get to the first gate with a wheel mechanism, look up to the top of the chain for a statue; shoot it for a key.
  • Move through the water, and on the right side of the wall, there's another statue.

Chapter 9

  • Before entering the mansion, there's a statue in the tree immediately to the right of the entrance.
  • When you fall into the trap where you get pulled into a grinder, shoot the mine above to stop it. Take the door that follows into the room, and on the desk near the door there's a statue with a key.
  • In the room where you get the low dial puzzle, look up for a statue you can shoot down.
  • When you're in the burning barn, go to the top and to the hay bales to the right of the window. Set fire to them for a statue and key.

Chapter 10

  • When you go through a bunch of traps and monsters after activating the power, go back to the room you started in. Here, there's a statue in the room with the spiked ceiling. Avoid the experience, as you'll likely die if you try and get both.

Chapter 11

  • After the long ride on the trolley, you'll end up at a broken down building. Exit, and take the pipe to the next area. Here, there's a soda machine, and if you hit it three times, a statue will come out. The second hit will vend a bomb, however, so you have to be cautious.
  • After saving Julie, a door and elevator will pop up. Clear the enemies, open the elevator, and go inside for a key.

Chapter 13

  • In the apartment complex, go downstairs and fight the monster. Kill him, and look up for a statue in the hole in the ceiling.
  • After finding Joseph again, you'll be sent elsewhere. When you get control, look to the left for a statue.
  • When you're in the sewer, a tentacle will come up and save you. Follow the path where the enemy was and you'll find a long tunnel with a red light at the end. To the right of that tunnel is a path with a statue.

Chapter 14

  • When you're in the sewer, a tentacle will come up and save you. Follow the path where the enemy was and you'll find a long tunnel with a red light at the end. To the right of that tunnel is a path with an infected wall. Burn it down for a key.
  • After beating the slithering boss, activate the generator. This will clear a wall to your right, with a statue inside.
  • After this, take the elevator up to the crashed train. Next to the train, there's rubble with a statue inside.