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Juli Kidman

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Juli Kidman is one of the protagonists of The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. She is the main protagonist of the The Assignment and The Consequence DLC.


Juli Kidman is a primary protagonist turned deuteragonist in The Evil Within series. She is the focus of a two-part DLC, and she is Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda's newest partner at the Krimson City Police Department. She, like her two partners, was sent to Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate a crime scene there, only to be attacked by Ruvik and forced into the world of STEM.

It is suggested in The Evil Within and later confirmed in The Assignment that Kidman is an agent of MOBIUS.

The Evil Within

Juli Kidman is a rookie detective for the KCPD, and she is partnered with Sebastian and Joseph, the former of which served as her mentor during training. The trio, fresh off a case, are sent to investigate a recent mass homicide at Beacon Mental Hospital where the previous dispatch has gone quiet. Before approaching the hospital, a loud tone is heard by everyone in the police cruiser (Juli, Sebastian, Joseph, and Officer Oscar Connelly) that momentarily incapacitates them with painful headaches. Arriving at the hospital, they find the police cars outside empty, with no personnel in sight. Connelly stays in the police cruiser while the trio of detectives head inside. Juli is instructed by Sebastian to stand as watch at the front door, and this is the last the player sees of her until Sebastian escapes from Beacon at the end of Chapter 1 as the city of Krimson begins to crumble underfoot. She, Sebastian, Leslie Withers, Dr. Jimenez, and Connelly all escape the wreckage in an ambulance until another loud tone sounds and transforms Connelly into a Haunted. He attacks Sebastian, and the ambulance crashes with everybody inside.

Juli is not seen again until Chapter 5, when Sebastian has reunited with Joseph and the two find her trapped in a rapidly filling tank of water. The two eliminate the hordes of Haunted before racing the clock to activate the release mechanism on the water tank. After successfully doing so, Juli is freed from the trap. Joseph attempts to help her to her feet when the floor beneath them is destroyed, and Sebastian once again loses sight of them. Navigating the passageways below, Sebastian meets up with the two and helps fend off more Haunted. Juli crawls under a heavy door that Sebastian and Joseph lift, and she unlocks a gated door between them. Continuing down the hallway, Joseph remarks that it's strange that the Haunted had captured Juli instead of just killing her. She replies: "Maybe he didn't see me as a threat...?" Sebastian asks who "he" is, but Juli doesn't answer before the world begins to ripple and the tone from before plays, appearing to only affect Sebastian and Joseph. The three of them are then separately pulled into the floor by Laura.

Juli reappears briefly in Chapter 6 accompanying Leslie into the church. Both of their voices can then be heard beneath the altar inside.

It isn't until Chapter 11 that Sebastian finds Juli again, this time chased onto a fire escape by Haunted. After dispatching them, the two team up and travel a short distance through the city before the high-pitched tone begins to transform Sebastian into a Haunted. When he runs to attack Juli, she points her gun at him and the screen fades to black; the sound of a gunshot can be heard. When Sebastian comes to moments later, Juli has locked herself on the other side of a door, claiming that, because Sebastian is "tainted" now, "he might try to stop [her] through him [Sebastian]." She doesn't answer when Sebastian asks what she's talking about, and instead turns away and leaves.

She appears again in the next chapter when Sebastian and Joseph are discussing using the bus they've found to drive through the city to the Lighthouse at Beacon.

DLC: The Assignment


DLC: The Consequence


The Evil Within 2


The Art of the Evil Within

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"Kidman has mysteriously lost her memories of her past and does not remember her childhood. She has no recollection of her parents, where she was born or raised, or how she got to be where she is. She doesn't see how knowing this information would be of any benefit to her in her life as it is, so she's never looked into it. All that matters to her now is focusing on what she has to do and what might happen to her if she fails."
~ Juli's backstory in the Art of the Evil Within

As revealed in the Art of the Evil Within artbook, Juli was originally included in the story as a prisoner. Much of her backstory as recorded in the artbook was either rewritten or dropped entirely by the time it became relevant in her DLC. It is also insinuated that, due to her criminal past, she was acquainted with Sebastian before becoming a detective at KCPD. This is not corroborated in any of the games. It is noted by Ikumi Nakamura, the lead concept artist for TEW, that Juli's final outfit was chosen "because blood would stand out against it when she was injured."