Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - March 2005

Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - March 2005.

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Journal entry from Sebastian Castellanos.

The Journal of Sebastian Castellanos - March 2005 are one of the items in The Evil Within.


A private diary entry from Sebastian Castellanos.


The bad news is I've been re-assigned to a new partner. The good news is Myra said yes!

But even the bad news isn't so bad - Joseph is a great detective and we're a good team. Krimson City needs more men like him on the force and it's honor to be working with him.

But sometimes it feels like bailing out a boat with a giant hole in the bottom. For every crime we solve, it seems that ten others are committed. The KCPD is a thin blue line protecting the populace from the criminals. But sometimes it seems like there's more of the latter than the former...

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